All I can say is WOW!!!! It took me a good 10 minutes to explain to my father in law that what he saw was a cake. LOL. People couldn't stop talking about it and it tasted great! My son's bar mitzvah is June 13, 2015 and I will be in touch!

Beth & Scott
I am so sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you sooner! By the time we said goodbye to our out-of-town friends and family the snow hit and then the ice hit and we just got power back the other day. All I can say to you is WOW!! That cake was truly a work of art! You out did yourself and it showed!!!! The boys were blown away and so were the guests! You are not going to believe this but...... it was such a work of art that the caterer did not realize that THAT was the cake and they never served it!!! At the end of the night there was the cake, sitting in the same spot! OMG - Scott & I were hysterical! We had to take it home! We had a bruch the next day and served it. So many people said they didn't even realize that was the cake - that's how incredibly awesome it was! And - putting all of that aside - IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Who cares that Hesh's went out of business- this was 100 times better!!! Thank you so much for everything and for helping make the boy's b'nai mitzvah so special!!

Wowzers! The cake was the highlight of the night. You did such an amazing job, so creative. The 25 girls that were there were fighting for your cards, be prepared for little future sleep as you will have lots of bat mitzvah and birthday cakes to deal with from the blue bell crowd! Seriously though, I really appreciate the wonderful job you did on Donna's cake; the detail was superb. You have a true talent. Donna was so surprised and happy. What a great night!

The cake was beautiful and Steph loved it! I only got to eat a small piece and it was delicious! Looking forward to 1 year anniversary for more.

Your passion shows with every cake you make, you truly put your heart and soul into it! This showed with our birthday cake and our friends couldn't even believe it was real! Thanks so so much!

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